Our team has been hard at work to finally bring you the Earthly Body Marketplace, a one stop shop for our full range of brands: CBD Daily, Marrakesh Hair Care, Hemp Seed Body Care, and EMERA CBD Haircare.

With so many of you being fans of multiple brands, we wanted to make it easier for you to shop in one place for one easy checkout. For those of you that were only familiar with one brand, we wanted to showcase the rest of our range that upholds the same values and high-quality products that you’ve come to know and love from your favorite.


This transition will undoubtedly come with some questions, and to address some of those, we’re including some of the bigger concerns below.

How is Earthly Body related to all these brands?
Earthly Body Inc. is the parent company that started Hemp Seed Body Care in 1996. Over the last two decades, we’ve then expanded our range of brands to include Marrakesh, CBD Daily, and EMERA. We also have a strictly professional color bond builder, colorpHlex, and our sister site for hemp CBD Drops, Fleurtiva.

Can I still check out on Marrakesh/CBD Daily/Hemp Seed/Emera sites?
While we are still transitioning, check out is LIMITED on the individual brand websites. Eventually, check out will not be possible and all purchases will be redirected to the Marketplace. To avoid confusion and minimize issues, we recommend all future purchases be made directly through the Earthly Body Marketplace.

I had an account on Marrakesh/CBD Daily/Hemp Seed/Emera, can I use the same login for this site?
Unfortunately we weren’t able to move the accounts in this transition. You will be required to set up a new account for the Marketplace. However, once you’re set up you won’t need to worry about it again.

Do my welcome/birthday codes still work on this new site?
Yes, all welcome and birthday codes will still be valid on the new site.

Is this new site secure?
Yes, our new site was built to ensure the security of your privacy and information.

If any other questions come up as you’re shopping in the new marketplace, please email us at

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