Kevin and Mare Wachs | Earthly Body Team

Kevin & Mare Wachs
Founders and CEO

Super down to earth cool people, that want to supply their customers with only the highest quality products.

Laura Sweet | Earthly Body Team

Laura Sweet
Domestic Sales Manager

Don’t let her last name deceive you, this Prince-loving, roller derby chick is one hard-hitting seller!

Sandy Arias | Earthly Body Team

Sandy Arias
International Sales Manager

You can find her spending her days on the sandy beaches of the California coast.

Wendy Rendon | Earthly Body Team

Wendy Rendon

For financial questions and good memes, she is the source of the relevant answers needed on a daily basis.

Tom Woodley | Earthly Body Team

Tom Woodley
Operations Manager

With experience in music, drawing, and operations, he’s the well-rounded piece needed to make things happen.

Erica Sommers | Earthly Body Team

Erica Sommers
Buying Manager

Our very own Morticia Addams with big curly hair, a heavy dose of nerdiness, and a bunch of sass.

Heather Hatch | Earthly Body Team

Heather Hatch
Event Coordinator

The proud owner of a sparkly purple mustang. Is being surrounded by purple glitter too much to ask for?

John Avilas | Earthly Body Team

John Avilas
Warehouse Manager

A God-fearing Vietnam Veteran who loves cognac, cuban cigars, and mentoring his grandchildren. Proud volunteer at the Veterans Administration Support Group.

Natalia Sarmentero | Earthly Body Team

Natalia Sarmentero
Production Manager

Watching over the final details of our finished products, she’s the strong leader of the entire production crew.