How Hemp Benefits You and the Planet

Throughout history hemp seed oil has been used as a soothing restorative to dry, damaged skin. The replenishing nutrients of hemp seed oil are able to penetrate deep into skin cells – providing natural emollients and a lasting barrier to moisture loss – increasing the skin’s natural capacity for moisture retention.

Hemp is a sustainable wonder crop. It can grow in a variety of climates and soil types, the crops grow close to one another so they take up less space and the hemp plant grows without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and thrives on less water than most crops. This makes it the environment’s best friend and a natural way to clean up soil pollution.

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Earthly Body co-founders and philanthropists Kevin and Mare Wachs, started the nonprofit Get Together Foundation (GTF) in 2004 as a means of giving back to the community and sharing their good fortune with those in need.



Over the years GTF has partnered with over 22 charities to provide assistance to those in need, including: Beauty Bus Foundation, City of Hope, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, MusiCares, Paw Parent, Spark Of Love Toy Drive, TreePeople, and more!


raised so far

The Get Together Foundation has raised over a quarter of a million dollars in donations, and is still going strong. GTF ensures that 100% of donations received are provided to the intended cause, rather than covering extraneous business expenses.